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The client needed a performance audit to improve bounce rate and SEO for a successful legal compensation website.

Original Brief:

Optimisation of the website so that the mobile speed rating (as checked through the Google speed checker tool) improves and the desktop maintains or improves.


The site was checked using Google PageSpeed Insights, GT Metrix and WebPageTest. GT Metrix is generally a more accurate and useful real-world reference and so most of the page scores focused around this test. The site was scoring D (56%) for PageSpeed and E (56%) for YSlow, with a fully loaded time of 2.8s, a total page size of 1.82mb and 130 requests. Checking the waterfall it was clear that many assets were blocking render / paint, and ‘time to first paint’ was also particularly slow.

Some of Google’s (and others’) suggestions relate to features that currently only work in Chrome or are not feasible unless beginning a project from scratch and having complete control over the code at every step (eg, leverage sprites, Leverage the font-display CSS feature). This reflects in the page speeds after optimisation not always reaching A rating or 100%, especially for YSlow. However, a look at this table gives a snapshot of the improvements. These key statistics have the most impact on how a page loads, especially on mobile.

Mulderrigs performance audit case study
Mulderrigs performance audit case study

The Chrome testing app is however very useful. The Chrome Audit tab in network tools is another way of looking at with a couple more options like throttling to 3G, which gives a good emulation of real-world performance at slow network speeds.


The site suffered from a combination of a poorly coded theme, multiple stylesheets that had accreted, plugin overload (many active plugins competing for the same optimisation tasks) and multiple video embeds. As a result page speed was very slow, especially on mobile.

The main issues with the homepage were direct youtube video embeds and heavy facebook assets being unnecessarily loaded. The site had  ‘ShareThis’ plugin installed which was not being used and did not function properly. Removing that plugin and some unnecessary assets included in the footer.php led to a visible increase in responsiveness of the page load straight away.


What multiple YouTube embeds looks like to a browser

youtube render blocking

Other site improvements added included:

  • The YouTube video (included as an ACF custom field) was replaced with a simple Javascript to call the YouTube assets (mainly base.js) and create the iframe on click, saving around 600kb.
  • Several lazy load and optimisation plugins were installed and active, but poorly optimised. These were replaced with one solution that allows selective inclusion of scripts and styles on a per page basis.
  • HTTP/2 prefetch used for most important CSS
  • A PHP helper function was added to allow ACF fields to generate adaptive images using srcset
  • Alt tags were added to images and rel=“noopener” was added to target=“_blank” for footer links, improving security
  • An abandoned Cookie Notice plugin was returning a console error and was replaced with GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Expires headers added to the htaccess file for effective caching


After the performance audit the GT Metrix page score increased significantly to A (95%). YSlow increased to D (67%), page load to 2.4s, page size trimmed to 606kb and requests cut to 49. The perceptual page load increased significantly. While not perfect, the scores illustrate a dramatic increase and a realistic target given the underlying theme was not in scope or budget to be overhauled.

Before optimisation

GT Metrix Page Score - Mulderrigs homepage (before optimisation)
GT Metrix Page Score – Mulderrigs homepage (before optimisation)

After optimisation

GT Metrix Page Score - Mulderrigs homepage (after optimisation)
GT Metrix Page Score – Mulderrigs homepage (after optimisation)

Service page

After optimisation

Claims page

The main claims page had similar performance issues to the homepage

Before optimisation

GT Metrix Page Score - Mulderrigs claims page (before optimisation)

After optimisation

After performance enhancements, and a 95% score on Google PageSpeed Insights.
GT Metrix Page Score - Mulderrigs homepage (after optimisation)
GT Metrix Page Score – Mulderrigs homepage (after optimisation)

You can download the client pdf report here: Mulderrigs Page Speed

What Clients Are Saying.

Author image

Yan was incredibly patient with me as we worked through the building of my website. I am so pleased with the result. He captured me on the page using the images and words to effectively present the work I do as a coach. I would recommend him to any new business. Thank you!

Samantha Jayasuriya Executive Coach
Author image

Brilliant service from start to finish. Yan understood everything I wanted to achieve and made it a reality. Very pleased with the website. Will highly recommend.

Daniel Brown Vita Homes London
Author image

Yan created my website and I was very impressed with his work. We had a couple of meetings where everything was clearly explained and Yan understood the requirements perfectly. I would absolutely recommend Yan as a talented and conscientious web designer.

Sulekh Ruparell Musician, Producer, Entrepreneur
Author image

I have worked with Yan for several years now first building and now maintaining & updating my website for Jivani Yoga. I’m very pleased with the work Yan has provided in the upkeep of my site and can happily recommend him.

Emma Warmington Founder / Director, Jivani Yoga
Author image

He’s fabulous with amazing attention to detail.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, but I’d honestly prefer to keep him as my own secret weapon! ?

Amy Wagner Digital & Agile Coach
Author image

Yan produced work of the highest standard and worked pro-actively within the team. He was consistently concerned with standards, cross browser compatability and usability. I knew that if Yan was picking up a task, it would be completed to the best of his ability, which consistently exceeded expectation of the client and involved third parties. I look forward to having Yan on my team in the future.

Jason Taylor Scrum Master / Headshift
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Initially booked on a 2 week last minute contract, Yan eventually completed 5 weeks with multiple extensions. Throughout this contract, the feedback was very positive. Very highly recommended!

Ben Butterfield Recruiter / Form Recruitment
Author image

Yan is a top notch front end developer. He has an inquisitive mind and is always eager to learn more than the project demands. Calm, attentive and a great eye for detail, Yan proved a key developer in a demanding project.

Highly recommended. I can’t wait to work with him again.

Claudio Oscar Front End Developer / Freelance
Author image

Yan was working on a high visibility project with very challenging deadlines. The fact that he quickly assimilated himself into the team, was asked back and met all the deliverables asked of him is testament not only to the level of his skills but also his professionalism and work ethic.

Definitely recommended and I hope to work with him again.

Dan de Lord Head of Digital / DNA

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