Wordmove by Welaika


wordmove push -e staging —all e = environment:     e – staging     e – production https://github.com/welaika/wordmove/wiki/Usage-and-flags-explained Options:   -w, [–wordpress], [–no-wordpress]   -u, [–uploads], [–no-uploads]   -t, [–themes], [–no-themes]   -p, [–plugins], [–no-plugins]   -m, [–mu-plugins], [–no-mu-plugins]   -l, [–languages], [–no-languages]   -d, [–db], [–no-db]   -v, [–verbose], [–no-verbose]   -s, [–simulate], [–no-simulate]   […]

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Checklist for launching a website

Managed WordPress.org hosting Constant monitoring for uptime (with email alerts) Plugin, core and theme updates Regular backups Check List * Register domain name * Set up DNS * Set up Cloudflare * Set up Google Analytics * Set up Google Business (if required) * Set up email (Mailgun or Namecheap) WordPress * Add site to […]

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