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You need a website that is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to understand, edit and maintain
  • Customisable to evolve with your business
  • Fully responsive and beautiful on all screens
  • Secure and Performant
  • Optimised for Search Engines
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
WP Shala specialises in creating WordPress sites for small to medium businesses with a budget of £1-10,000
Own your content

Take control of your content and how it is presented. Content can easily be exported if required, and re-skinned to adapt to your evolving business.

Powerful functionality

Need an online store? A brochure website?
Wordpress scales all the way up to enterprise-level sites with high traffic! Scalable VPS hosting, automated updates and backups, uptime monitoring, CDN, staging environment and robust security are all offered as standard.

iPhone X website
Reach a wider customer base

SEO with WordPress and Yoast is miles ahead of DIY site builders. With Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics set up, your site will be ready to reach the widest possible audience with valuable traffic insights. Using an effective and coherent content strategy search engines will promote your website based on the quality and authority of your content.

Responsive Layout

Responsive design is an absolute requirement. Statistics show that the majority of visits to websites are from mobile devices, and so the mobile view is at least as important as the full-width view. WP Shala sites optimise content for each user.

WP Shala, a WordPress agency

The website landscape is constantly evolving and changing. There are many enterprise-level solutions that require building from the ground up, using the cutting-edge technologies and employing a team of the most expensive contractors.

Then there are DIY offerings such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly. If you prefer to build the site yourself using drag and drop elements and if your budget is below £1000 these can be great options. But as your business grows, you are likely to need more control over presentation. At that point you will be wishing there was an 'export website to wordpress' button. Without this you would need rebuild from scratch!

I use WordPress as my chosen development platform as I am a designer at heart, and a front end developer second. I like to get my hands dirty with PHP, MySQL and Javascript sometimes, but mainly I like the idea of an open-source ecosystem where I can curate elements based on the requirement. Because of the range and quality of code available in the form of WordPress core, parent themes and plugins, I can quickly build a site that would take months and a small team to build from scratch.

I prefer a no-nonsense, holistic approach to website design and building, making sure the site looks great on all devices and screens, loads fast, is secure and search-engine friendly. With a few practical guidelines and proven systems in place, your site will still be looking great in several years time.

Holistic Business Consulting and Content Strategy to Grow your Audience

Together we will discuss your business, how you would like to evolve, and your relationship to your customers. From here we can devise a content strategy that communicates your message clearly and positively. This includes how to organise and structure the text, how to integrate or develop your branding, and how to use beautiful photography to tell your story.

You can schedule an initial phone call where I outline my rates, then meet for a coffee and discussion, finalise a fixed quote or hourly rate, and if you're happy I will start work on your project. I prefer to manage hosting and ongoing updates for my clients and build an ongoing relationship.


WP Shala offers a variety of services to clients including:

Wordpress Design & Development

Using the rich WordPress ecosystem it is possible to build professional, scalable, performant websites quickly within a reasonable budget

Managed VPS Hosting

Cost-effective hosting solutions based on Linode and Secure and well-maintained Virtual Private Server in a data centre in London. This can be scaled from sharing with a small number of low-traffic websites, to spinning up a dedicated box with tailored resources.

Social Media Planning & Strategy

These days it is usually a requirement to consolidate your presence across the various social platforms. This should be considered in terms of priority, target audience, branding, and setting realistic goals for keeping that content active and fresh.

How I Work

Professional web development workflow


I use Sass to write modular and powerful CSS that is easy to maintain and manage.


Security is a high priority. WP Shala sites use well-configured Wordfence, admin best practices, Cloudflare, Uptime Robot, IWP, regular automated backups and core, theme and plugin updates managed through a central control panel.


Gulp is still my preferred compiler. Combined with NPM and Wordmove I can easily deploy sites from my local environment to staging and production servers.

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