Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press

WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg: in brief

WordPress 5.0 arrived after much fanfare, trepidation and gnashing of teeth. And along with it, the new Gutenberg editor. To summarise very briefly, it seems to be pitched at bloggers and amateur website owners (for very simple content/layout, and probably to compete with Squarespace, Wix and Weebly) or it’s aimed at React developers who are […]

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Wordmove by Welaika


wordmove push -e staging —all e = environment:     e – staging     e – production Options:   -w, [–wordpress], [–no-wordpress]   -u, [–uploads], [–no-uploads]   -t, [–themes], [–no-themes]   -p, [–plugins], [–no-plugins]   -m, [–mu-plugins], [–no-mu-plugins]   -l, [–languages], [–no-languages]   -d, [–db], [–no-db]   -v, [–verbose], [–no-verbose]   -s, [–simulate], [–no-simulate]   […]

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Front End Development Cheat Sheet

How to Guides OSX -pimp your command line with iTerm and oh-my-zsh use shortcuts cmd + ctrl + v = cut/paste use cmd + tab / cmd + ~ dont minimize windows but use cmd + H use cmd + ~ to toggle between different windows of the same app cmd + shift + T […]

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Beginning a Project

Beginning a new project: What you need to know

The first thing to know is that I can help you with your website! I am a web designer / developer with 15 years experience, based in London (and occasionally working remotely) I specialise in WordPress and can offer competitive rates to establish your professional web presence. A website should be built to last and […]

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Checklist for launching a website

Managed hosting Constant monitoring for uptime (with email alerts) Plugin, core and theme updates Regular backups Check List * Register domain name * Set up DNS * Set up Cloudflare * Set up Google Analytics * Set up Google Business (if required) * Set up email (Mailgun or Namecheap) WordPress * Add site to […]

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